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IV Hydration

  • 45 min
  • Starting at $120

Service Description

SMB IMMUNITY + $170 This drip will boost your immune system in fighting Cold, Flu, & Viral Infections. Ascorbic Acid Zinc Vita Complex SMB Energizer $150 This drip will help you feel energized, burn fat, and boost your metabolism Vita Complex Amino Blend SMB Quencher $120 This drip rehydrates your body & combats fatigue Ascorbic Acid Vita Complex Mineral Blend SMB Flawless Glow Drip $180 This drip is great if you’re looking to enhance your hair, skin, nails and feel your best Ascorbic Acid Vita Complex Biotin SMB Athlete $170 Are you athletic or have an active lifestyle? If so this drip is for you. It will help enhance your athletic performance, give you a faster recovery time & boost your energy Ascorbic Acid Mineral Blend Vita Complex Amino Blend SMB Smart Serum $170 This drip improves overall brain function, increases memory recall, and enhances certain aspects of learning Folic Acid w/B12 L-Taurine Alpha-Lipoic Acid SMB Gold $180 Myer’s Cocktail The Golden Nugget of IVs. This drip reduces seasonal allergies, fatigue, inflammation, and restores natural balance. Magnesium Chloride B- Complex Vit Hydroxo B12 Calcium Gluconate Ascorbic Acid SMB Alleviate Drip $170 Are you recovering from Post-Op Surgery? Are you feeling tired, having pain or PMS symptoms, feeling bloated, or diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? This is the drip for you. Magnesium Chloride Calcium Chloride Vita Complex Hydroxocobalamin

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